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Credit Report details that will come in handy

By Ruth Racey
Published: Thursday, August 12th, 2010

In today’s world, a world ruled by credit, it is very important to become well acquainted with your credit rating and credit report.  It will dictate whether credit lenders and financial institutions will give you loans or financial backing that you will need in order to get a car, house, big screen TV, etc.  Without the proper credit score to show that you are a financially responsible person, companies will be hesitant to loan you anything, this will limit what you can do in life and what your family can do.

It can go beyond just material possessions you can get loans or financial backing for, a credit report can indeed affect whether or not you get that job you want so badly. Some employers will look into potential employee’s credit history and credit score to see if they are a responsible level headed person.

This can be very unfair as we all have rough patches here and there that affect our credit reports. This is however a fact of life. A lot of people feel your credit report and credit history is a great picture of the person they are considering hiring for their company, this is especially true if it’s a financially related business, after all, if you can’t handle your own finances, you can’t handle or be trusted with the companies.

With all these things riding on your credit report and credit history, it is clear that this is a very good thing to become familiar with.

You are entitled to one free credit report a year from a credit watch bureau. You can go to their websites and fill out a form with your information and they will send you out your report, generally in two weeks to a month, you may however, be charged a shipping/mailing fee for your free credit report.

All you need to do is make sure the company you are requesting the free report from is reputable, you will know if they are if they are:

  1. A company you have actually heard about or seen when applying for a credit line or loan
  2. They will give you a free report and not ask for a fee

So, do yourself a favour and check out, online, one of the credit bureaus and get that free report! You will be able to check for any flaws and see where you fall so that you can improve it if need be. It’s quick, easy, and very beneficial.

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