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How to Get Your Free Credit Report

By Ruth Racey
Published: Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Credit cards are one of the most popular mediums of exchange that consumers use right now. This is because of the convenience that using credit cards for different financial transactions brings. In addition, credit cards are now accepted by most, if not all, commercial establishments in the country. In this case, whenever you are mainly using credit cards for your respective transactions, it is also important for you to get your credit report, especially when you are concerned in the health of your credit card account.

Your credit report is one of the most important documents that you must have at least when you own and regularly use your credit card. It is in this document where all of your credit card transactions are recorded. From personal loans, to student loans, to different kind of mortgages and all the credit cards that you use, your credit report shows you. In this case, take note that the record of your transactions actually determines your credit scores. Simply put, when you have a positive credit report, most likely, you will also have a positive credit score. This is why you must always keep this on check.

The good thing about this report is that it can be obtained for free. The one that gives the different credit reports to consumers who uses credit cards are the nation’s three main credit agencies. These credit agencies are Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. These credit companies are so big that they actually hold the records of millions of credit cards accounts nationwide.

Your credit report can be obtained for free annually. You will have to request it from one of those three large credit agencies. Take note of the fact that these credit agencies are also the ones who give your credit rating, the reason why they hold all the credit records of consumers. One way for you to request your free report is for you to check on the website of one of these three large credit agencies. They also have toll free numbers where you can directly order for your credit report. In addition, you can also get them by writing them personally. Writing is actually one of the safest ways to get your report, especially when you want to protect yourself from identity thieves. This is because of the fact that personal information is required every time you order your free report, such as your social security number.

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