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  • Do You Know What Your Credit Score Report Reveals?

    by admin

    Credit score reports play an integral part when you require a large amount of loan for a purchase. An example is when purchasing a house. A lender reviews your credit report before finally approving your loan, which is why; many of your big purchases depend on the right credit score … (more) November 15, 2014

  • Improving Your Credit Score is Your Priority

    by Ruth Racey

    Do you have bad credit score and looking to improve it? Have you been denied opportunity due to your bad score? Or you have put yourself into more debt in your bid to improve your score? If these are your problems, you don’t need to worry any longer as the … (more) October 8, 2014

  • Things that will impact your credit score the most

    by Ruth Racey

    If you are thinking about taking the loan now or in near future, you should be aware of the fact that the terms you will be offered are mainly dependent on your credit score. You should know which factors will influence your credit score the most – below are few … (more) August 24, 2014

  • The Importance of Knowing Your Credit Score

    by Ruth Racey

    Act related to Fair Credit Reporting requires that the credit bureaus send the credit reports to consumers once per 12 months. This is very important because the credit scores related to the report will prove to be the deciding factor when you apply for loans or even seek employment. The … (more) January 28, 2014

  • Ways to Achieve a Perfect Credit Score

    by Ruth Racey

    Fair Isaac Credit Organization (FICO) is responsible for your credit scores. These scores lie between 500 and 850 and only 13% of people boast of a FICO score more than 800. While getting such a perfect credit score is not impossible, you require a high degree of discipline and proper … (more) October 20, 2013