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How to Make Your Credit Score Look Good

By Ruth Racey
Published: Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

People have this inclination to focus on someone’s flaws instead of his or her positive traits. This is also true in the world of credit. Thus, merely fixing your credit records is not enough. You have to boost it up to the best extent. How can you do this? Here are some tips:

  1. Make sure that your credit bureau knows about your paid-on-time accounts, and that it actually reflects on your credit report. It would be a shame to let this thing fly by. More often than not, credit companies hide your positive accounts’ history as an action to prevent competitors from pouncing you (from them). Others even skip the part of reporting to a credit bureau. You cannot force them otherwise, but there is no law preventing you from asking them to do so.
  2. Another thing that could boost up your credit score is by being an authorized user of someone else’s card. If you do this, your score instantly goes up. This is so if he or she has a good reputation as a debtor. If not, you will also share the same fate because this action imports the card user’s account history into your report. Thus, make sure you find the right person. You also have to ask your credit issuer first before making this move because not all of them allow this kind of set up.
  3. You should try having more than one card, but not more than the number that you can handle. There is no exact amount on this, so you will have to decide according to your capacity. Owning multiple accounts is a plus factor, especially if you are using them actively and wisely.
  4. If you eventually decide on owning a card, it would be so much better to apply for a Secured Card. Why? Because it gives you a credit limit equal to the amount of the deposit you made and it reports to all three credit bureaus. After on-time payments of about 12 months, this card will be converted to a regular unsecured card. Here is the best part of it: No shocking annual fees.
  5. After a few months of being enrolled in a Secured Card, try to get department store or gas cards. They are unsecured cards that are very easy to get your hands on. Remember, more accounts mean a bigger boost on your credit score. Do not rush things up though. One step at a time is good. Rushing things might do your credit records more harm than good.

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