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  • Improving Credit Scores

    by Ruth Racey

    Flattery can sometimes work when looking for a job. It, however, does not work on lenders and creditors. No matter how hard a borrower tries to sweet-talk banks and financial institutions, they will always look at the standard financial capability measure of a consumer – the credit score. A credit … (more) December 4, 2009

  • Handy Tips in Improving Credit Scores

    by Ruth Racey

    With the economic crisis hitting just about everyone in the world, it becomes a necessity to monitor your credit scores regularly. The credit industry is being hit very hard in particular, which is why people seldom get credit nowadays. Moreover, all cardholders should take initiative towards the improvement of their … (more) December 2, 2009

  • Credit Scores: What are They for?

    by Ruth Racey

    Most Americans have heard the term “credit score” before. But surprisingly, not many know exactly what they are for. As a measurement tool, credit scores allow creditors and lenders to see at first glance whether an individual is worthy of receiving financial options. Summing up a consumer’s credit worthiness into … (more) December 1, 2009

  • Computing Credit Scores

    by Ruth Racey

    Credit has undoubtedly changed the American way of living in so many ways. Because of the sheer number of consumers making use of plastic, there arose a need for a comprehensive and centralized information collection system to manage credit records. Consumers usually own more than one credit card. To keep … (more) November 29, 2009

  • Increase Your Credit Score Today

    by Ruth Racey

    If you are having a hard time finding a lender who will approve your loan application, it may be because you have bad credit.  Some lenders offer loans for people with poor credit, but these loans are usually accompanied by high interest rates and higher fees.  You may also find … (more) November 28, 2009