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  • Understanding credit score the better way

    by Ruth Racey

    Most Americans nowadays have credit cards due to the many benefits owning one can bring. Most teenagers dream of having their own credit card. Even those who do not want to own one are forced to get one because there are some companies which prefer credit cards in lieu of … (more) September 10, 2011

  • The Similarities and Differences of a Credit Counselor, Chapter 7, and Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code

    by Ruth Racey

    Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code and credit counselors aim for the same thing: to manage a borrower’s monthly income in a way that will continuously pay for unpaid debts until everything is fully paid for. Chapter 7 on the other hand is the type of bankruptcy application which relieved … (more) September 8, 2011

  • Why People in Bad Debt Must Avoid Lenders Called ‘Predator Lenders’

    by Ruth Racey

    From the name itself, predatory lending sounds a lot like trouble already. Although, of course, these types of lending companies or individuals will present itself as a good-willed company who want to unburden people from unpaid utility bills, credit card bills, and mortgages. Remember that the Big Bad Wolf dressed … (more) September 5, 2011

  • How to Get a Prime Loan Using a Subprime Policy

    by Ruth Racey

    Wars are won using infallible combat strategy. Likewise, life in this kind of environment is survived through the use of credit cards and the application for home and car loans. That is why low credit scores are such a big blog to a person who depends on a high score … (more) May 30, 2011

  • The Difference between Bad Debt Loan and Subprime Lending

    by Ruth Racey

    Remember the old geometry lesson about the similarities and differences of a quadrilateral and a rectangle? All rectangles are quadrilaterals (because all rectangles are 4-sided figures), but not all quadrilaterals are squares (since we also have squares, rhombuses, trapezoids and parallelograms). The same principle applies to bad debt loan and … (more) May 25, 2011