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  • Why Trouble Yourself with Credit Scores? Let the Lender Decide For You

    by Ruth Racey

    If there is any advice that must be given to people with low credit scores, this might be one of the best: Let your creditor decide if you are not qualified for a mortgage. Many people are guilty of deciding for their own fate in this matter. However, you should … (more) May 20, 2011

  • Low Credit Scores Won’t Stop You from Purchasing a Home

    by Ruth Racey

    People typically undergo a couple of years of planning before they finally jump into major decisions such as applying for a home loan—especially if they are not really that well-off. However, some people do have a feasible loan plan at hand but cannot go straight to the lender’s office after … (more) May 15, 2011

  • What Borrowers Must Know About Credit Score Determination

    by Ruth Racey

    Elementary mathematics taught us that given a set of numbers, you can determine the average by adding all those and dividing it by the number of items which were added. Now that we’re older, we use this averaging technique for various purposes. And loan specialists are hoping you are not … (more) April 15, 2011

  • How to improve your credit score

    by Ruth Racey

    It is easier to be acquainted with one’s credit report because an individual can request for one free on an every twelve months basis as mandated by law under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Thus, any disputes in terms of irregularities in the report can be formally filled within 60 … (more) January 30, 2011

  • How is your credit score measured

    by Ruth Racey

    While it is important to review credit reports regularly especially prior to an actual application for loans, credit cards, and/ or insurance policies; it is also relevant to be aware of one’s credit score based on the outcome of such reports because some lenders, insurers, and credit providers requesting for … (more) January 14, 2011