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  • Take a closer look at your credit report

    by admin

    Are you considering buying a new home or perhaps a new car? Before doing so, it is probably a good idea to check your credit score first. Credit scores play an important role in a person’s life. It may only consist of 3 numbers but these numbers may greatly affect … (more) December 14, 2010

  • Benefits and drawbacks of a good credit score

    by admin

    As most of us have already know, credit score is a three digit number that is very important in our daily life. It affects so many things and what most people focus on is being able to maintain a good credit score. Now, why do people want this? What are the … (more) December 10, 2010

  • Boost Your Credit Score in Two Easy Ways

    by Ruth Racey

    Enumerates the two easiest ways to improve your score fast and easy.  A good credit determines a borrower’s eligibility in acquiring and paying loans and other forms of credit. Documents such as debt and cash transactions affect the outcome of your credit score. A score, if you are still unfamiliar, … (more) November 30, 2010

  • Useful Tips to Boost Your Score

    by Ruth Racey

    The credit score is a three-digit number that is based on a report. This contains all information, in figures, prepared by a credit report bureau. Many people value their rating because it gives them an advantage in finding good credit, while others sadly take it for granted.  A good rating … (more) November 26, 2010

  • Things You Need to Know About Credit Score Scams

    by Ruth Racey

    If you have a bad credit score and you have a lot of debts to pay then you are mostly looking for a method to help you repair your score fast. Credit scams occur when people are desperate to improve their credit scores and the result of these scams is … (more) October 9, 2010