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The Different People Who Look at Your Credit Score

By Ruth Racey
Published: Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Not so many consumers are aware that different people are actually looking at their respective credit score. The fact is that there are strangers who do so, because of the fact that it is part of their business to look at it. In this case, remember that all they need is for them to know your social security number, and they can now access your credit score. Here then are the different people who look at your credit, as well as the reasons why are they doing this in the first place: 

  • Your credit card issuers
    These are the people who issue the millions of credit cards that are used by American consumers in the whole country. In this case, of course, they would like to know your credit score before they can be able to decide on whether they will give you a credit card or not.
    In this case, do not forget that your score is an indicator of how creditworthy you are, which simply means your ability to pay for your bills properly or not. In addition, issuers would also need your score whenever they will change the interest rates of your credit card account. A higher credit score would mean lower interest rates to be paid, while a lower score would mean higher interest rates to be paid.
  • Insurance companies
    Because of the fact that your credit score is a leading indicator of your ability to pay for your dues and your bills properly, it is also important for insurance companies. Remember that in insurance, you are going to pay for dues and bills all the same, in which they need to gauge your credit worthiness. Also, having a higher score would make insurance companies offer you lower interest rates, while a low score would make them offer you higher interest rates. 
  • Telecommunication companies
    Also, remember that to companies that offers you cable, satellite and telephone services, your score also matters to them, for it says a thing about how you can be bale to pay your bills. 
  • Future employers
    Nowadays, there are a lot of employers who considers the credit ratings of applicants before they would decide to hire them or not. In this case, your score then matters a lot, especially when applying for a job.
  • Future landlords
    Even for landlords who are going to lend you a house, they still use you credit score to gauge whether you can pay the rent or not.

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