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Using Your Credit Cards When You Are Already Married

By Ruth Racey
Published: Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

One of the most important maters that husbands and wives must be able to settle urgently is their respective financial situations. Remember that it is in fact money maters which rates as on of the leading causes while divorces are filed in the United States. 

There are already a lot of husbands and wives who were endlessly arguing and fighting because of the fact that they do not have a common stand regarding on how to manage their respective finances. In this situation, you must always remember that when you are going to build a family, definitely, your finances will mean a lot; his includes payment of bills, purchasing your family’s needs,  and even paying for your home. In this case, both of your credit card accounts and your credit score surely matters a lot. 

Here then are some tips that may help you whenever you are already married and still use credit cards as a way for you to spend and purchase good s and services. Following these tips will surely lower your chances of having both of you fight just because of money matters. 

  • Take a look at how much debt can you handle both
    More likely than not, you and your partner will have a different perspective on the debt that you can handle. Remember that your outstanding balance actually determines a lot what would your credit score look like. And it is also your credit score which determines whether you can secure a future loan or not. This is the reason why the amount of debt that both of you can handle matters a lot, and that it must be clear to both parties. 
  • Try to take a look at your combined income vis a vis your overall debt
    Remember that getting anew credit card account would mean a new monthly bill to pay. In this case, you must actually see and talk with your spouse your overall income vis a vis all the debt that both of your have to pay. Take note that raising a family involves many bills to pay: food, utilities, appliances, house rent, schooling, gas and car bills, and many more. Therefore, you must properly gauge whether you can handle another credit card bill to pay or that you already have a lot of debt to pay. Having too large balance or too many credit card accounts truly hurts your credit score, which is the reason why you must actually be wary enough of such things.

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