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Identity Theft Archive for September, 2009

  • How to improve your Credit Score Rating

    by Ruth Racey

    Credit score rating as method of determining an individual’s creditworthiness is universally applied, though the term used may differ from country to country. In some countries, employers sometimes even use an applicant’s credit score rating in deciding whether to hire them or not. This is because they see people buried … (more) September 20, 2009

  • What is Actually a Credit Score?

    by Ruth Racey

    Those planning to take out a loan have to know what a credit score means. They may think that it is simply the points that one earns when purchasing goods using a credit card. Credit scores are more than that. In fact it is complicated and requires more than a … (more) September 20, 2009

  • Smart Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

    by Ruth Racey

    In order to improve your credit score, it is important to understand how credit bureaus calculate your rating. The three digit credit score can range from 300 to 850 and your aim should be to get a score of at least 750 or higher. Keep in mind that … (more) September 20, 2009

  • Analyzing Your Credit Chart and Credit Score

    by Ruth Racey

    In order to build a good credit history, it is important to understand how your credit score is calculated. The FICO score is the three digit figure in your credit report to which potential lenders and insurers can base their decision to approve your credit application. To better understand how … (more) September 20, 2009

  • The Other Perks of Having a Clean Credit Report

    by Ruth Racey

    The most obvious reason for keeping a credit record clean is to have a chance of being extended credit and loan options. For many Americans, having a good credit history means getting a better opportunity to apply for car loans, mortgages, and even new credit cards. Maintaining a clean credit … (more) September 20, 2009