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Identity Theft Archive for November, 2009

  • How to Build a Worthy Credit Score

    by Ruth Racey

    A person’s credit score can have a great impact in his/her financial decisions.  Aside from lending companies and credit card issuers, insurance companies and landlords can gauge your credit worthiness based on how high or low your credit score is.  In fact, even potential employers may doubt your sense of … (more) November 25, 2009

  • Can You Really Repair Your Credit Score?

    by Ruth Racey

    An excellent credit score does not have to be an elusive dream.  Even those who suffer from bad credit can take action to repair their credit score and work their way up towards good credit.  If you are in need of credit repair, here are some steps you can do … (more) November 24, 2009

  • Wanting to be a low risk credit applicant? Know your FICO score

    by Ruth Racey

    Next time you receive your credit history report, try paying attention to the three-digit number which you should remember, especially if you are planning to purchase anything using credit soon. This number is known as a FICO score. (FICO stands for Fair Isaac and Company; it is a company which … (more) November 23, 2009

  • How to save money and live a debt-free life

    by Ruth Racey

    If you want to lose weight, what steps do you take? The big key to this is reducing your intake of calories and fats, and increasing the amount of time spent in physical activity. Losing weight and maintaining it requires a change in lifestyle and mindset. That is no different … (more) November 22, 2009

  • How does an open checking account help you?

    by Ruth Racey

    Credit card issuers always search for bank accounts because they are a sign of financial stability. Obviously, they also look for bank accounts so that they know how you will pay them. If undergoing credit application and you do not have an open checking account, you may not be given … (more) November 21, 2009