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Identity Theft Archive for 2009

  • How to Make Your Credit Score Look Good

    by Ruth Racey

    People have this inclination to focus on someone‚Äôs flaws instead of his or her positive traits. This is also true in the world of credit. Thus, merely fixing your credit records is not enough. You have to boost it up to the best extent. How can you do this? Here … (more) October 27, 2009

  • Debt Management Plan – A Closer Look

    by Ruth Racey

    Americans hate waking up everyday thinking about debts and the collection agents that haunt them every minute of their busy lives. They hope to get rid of all of these without resorting to filing bankruptcy, which leaves a very low rating on their credit reports. If you are one of … (more) October 26, 2009

  • 3 Different Approaches to General Tax Planning

    by Ruth Racey

    As an employee, understanding that certain deductions are made before receiving your net pay is necessary. These deductions are called income tax and they are necessary for you to serve your purpose as a taxpayer. You also have to accept the fact that every penny counts because you may never … (more) October 25, 2009

  • Say No to interest rate reduction pranks!

    by Ruth Racey

    Because of the confusion of consumers over rising credit card interest rates, many have already become casualties of an old scam that has reached new heights today. This new scam involves a live person or sometimes a recorded message from a certain business who will contact a consumer to offer … (more) October 24, 2009

  • Is it time for me to modify my home loan?

    by Ruth Racey

    Obviously, it is impossible to have a stable amount of income or a steady house payment for a long time. However, in case you are beginning to experience something like that now, you can apply for a mortgage loan modification right away. Call your lender and ask for help if … (more) October 23, 2009