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Identity Theft Archive for 2009

  • Late Payments and their Effects on Credit Reports

    by Ruth Racey

    Cardholders who regularly monitor their credit expenses often fret about late payments and how they can affect their credit scores and ratings. For diligent consumers, keeping a clean credit report is essential to get low interest loans, extended credit, and other benefits. While delayed payments do actually have a direct … (more) September 20, 2009

  • How to Improve an Ailing Credit Report

    by Ruth Racey

    Any American who has had a bad credit report knows just how much problems they can cause. While these reports may provide lenders and card issuers with crucial information about the financial stability of consumers, they can also ruin the chances of getting better credit. Credit reports are a convenient … (more) September 20, 2009

  • Bankruptcy and Credit Reports

    by Ruth Racey

    With the current economic climate, more Americans are choosing to file bankruptcy and gain protection from their creditors and lenders. A common misconception many cardholders have is that declaring bankruptcy is one way of getting off the hook and getting a new lease on financial life. While declaring bankruptcy can … (more) September 20, 2009

  • Why Online Credit Reports are Better?

    by Ruth Racey

    Most Americans go through their lives without paying any attention to their credit histories or scores. Unbeknownst to them, their credit scores affect their means of living and financial situations greatly. Sadly, many cardholders only pay attention to their credit scores after being denied insurance, credit, or mortgage. Credit histories … (more) September 20, 2009

  • Why Credit Reports are Important?

    by Ruth Racey

    For many American consumers, keeping track of their credit history is neither a necessity nor an important matter. Some Consumers who love to purchase products using credit cards often think of plastic as the ultimate shopping tool. With it, they can buy almost everything and get to enjoy their purchases … (more) September 20, 2009