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Identity Theft Archive for October, 2010

  • The Damages of Identity Theft

    by Ruth Racey

    Summary:   Identity theft has a great monetary impact especially if it has gone beyond taking out your finances. This crime can cause a person’s reputation which he would suffer from in the long run As for much technological advancement, everything is not an advantage. The internet, for instance, is not a … (more) October 29, 2010

  • Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft

    by Ruth Racey

     Summary:  The crime becomes more prevalent to people who do not have a full understanding of how the World Wide Web and other identity theft schemes work. As the internet becomes an important part of people’s lives, the threats of identity theft become worse and broader. The crime becomes more prevalent … (more) October 24, 2010

  • Your Guide on Avoiding Credit Report Scams

    by Ruth Racey

    Scams occur in every business these days and the best way to protect yourself from these scams is to be vigilant. Credit report scams are especially dangerous since the scammers use your personal information to benefit themselves. This article will help you understand how credit report scams work and a … (more) October 19, 2010

  • Useful Ways to Protect Yourself from Online Identity Theft

    by Ruth Racey

    People who have been a victim of identity theft will agree that many times this crime occurs on the internet. While the internet is a great tool to communicate with others and organize your life, the internet is also a dangerous place if you do not take care of your … (more) October 16, 2010

  • Three Crucial Things to Remember While Filing a Credit Report Dispute

    by Ruth Racey

    The credit report is a document that contains details of your financial and payment history. Not many people know that up to 79% credit reports contain errors and these errors are often overlooked since they are small. It is very important for your report to contain accurate information since this … (more) October 13, 2010