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Identity Theft Archive for 2010

  • Debt Management Help: Debt Consolidation

    by Ruth Racey

    You have found yourself in a mountain of debt and you just have no way of finding yourself out of it. You are lost, frustrated, and confused. You are so desperate to be financially free, you are considering bankruptcy.  But this will not grant you financial freedom but will instead … (more) August 20, 2010

  • Credit Score: How it will affect you

    by Ruth Racey

    The world has become extremely credit based. If you do not have a good credit score it will limit you in the things you can do and get in your life or your families life. Having a poor credit score you will lessen your chances of getting a loan for … (more) August 16, 2010

  • Credit Report details that will come in handy

    by Ruth Racey

    In today’s world, a world ruled by credit, it is very important to become well acquainted with your credit rating and credit report.  It will dictate whether credit lenders and financial institutions will give you loans or financial backing that you will need in order to get a car, house, … (more) August 12, 2010

  • Understanding the Various Purposes of Your Credit Score

    by Ruth Racey

    The credit score is often perceived as a summary of your credit taking ability but not many people know that there are various purposes of this score. While most people are aware that their credit score decides their credit taking ability, many of these people are not aware that there … (more) August 7, 2010

  • Understanding the Basics of Debt Management

    by Ruth Racey

    Debt management is a plan to get out of debt without hurting your credit scores. There are many articles on the internet that talk about the benefits of debt management and how debt management help companies can benefit you but none of these articles tell you what you really need … (more) August 3, 2010