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Identity Theft Archive for September, 2011

  • Cautioning Low-Income Individuals against Predatory Lending

    by Ruth Racey

    The long and agonizing debate over high-risk lending is a continuing process of arguing—and only God knows when it will stop. High-risk lending does give people with bad credit another chance, same with people with limited income. Supporters of this kind of lending practice place laurels on the head of … (more) September 25, 2011

  • Identity theft – watch out somebody’s watching you

    by Ruth Racey

    You would not know who might be looking into your records and will be doing some purchases without your knowledge and permission too. It is also very important to ask your credit card company about how to secure your valuable information and keep it protected. Another thing is there should … (more) September 20, 2011

  • How Payday Loans Can Help You Get Through Rough Times

    by Ruth Racey

    Now that virtually every commodity is for sale, with the exception of the air that we breathe, some people have to find a way to live—even though it means having to survive from paycheck to paycheck. This is not even the worst case scenario, so people in this situation still … (more) September 18, 2011

  • Beware of Converting Unsecured Lines of Credit into Secured Ones

    by Ruth Racey

    The credit industry is a field where technical terminologies play a great part in making it sound complicated. Actually, it is not that complicated, if only lenders will take time to simplify these terms and explain its use, one by one, to their clients. Unfortunately, they figured out it is … (more) September 13, 2011

  • Understanding credit score the better way

    by Ruth Racey

    Most Americans nowadays have credit cards due to the many benefits owning one can bring. Most teenagers dream of having their own credit card. Even those who do not want to own one are forced to get one because there are some companies which prefer credit cards in lieu of … (more) September 10, 2011