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Can You Have A Better Financial Condition After Marriage?

By Ruth Racey
Published: Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Many would agree that it would be easier for single people to budget and save money. This is observable in the number of payments they make and how they decide on certain things, especially those which have to do with finances. On the other hand, having a spouse or partner would not only mean more expenses and debts, but also the question of who needs to handle money problems – and most of the time, the answer is both of you. This creates conflicts within the relationship.

You should understand that tracking money would be easier if you only have a single paycheck than if you have two. Thus, if you are still single, better make a move now to fix and put your finances to order.

When you are about to decide regarding marriage, it is best if you first analyze your potential spouse’s views on managing finances, and figure out whether these individual differences may result into conflicts. You should also consider your potential spouse’s past and present financial condition and evaluate whether they are acceptable to you.

To possibly minimize the occurrence of arguments, you should both talk about your personal views regarding money management before marriage. Be honest and open with each other to effectively impart thoughts on every money-management issue. Accomplishing this would lessen the possibilities of encountering as many financial problems after marriage.

Aside from discussions about money-management views, also inquire about your partner’s past and current financial situations. Do not be shy because these are important things you should know before moving on to marriage. If you believe that your partner is not telling the truth, or if she or he would not answer directly, conduct your own investigation. File for a request of your partner’s credit reports and try to check her or his checking and savings accounts, how much debt she or he has accumulated and the reasons for them.

Although surprises can be good, being surprised about your spouse’s financial situation would not be a good experience, especially after marriage. Actually, you may still want to consider and mull over making big decisions such as marriage until placing your full trust in your partner. Moreover, if currently experiencing a bad financial situation, let your potential partner know. Finding out negative things about your spouse is not a good idea particularly if you are already married. It does not only mess things up for the two of you, it also makes you want to regret having chosen that person to be with you the rest of your life.

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