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Effects of Identity Theft Crimes

By Ruth Racey
Published: Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Identity theft crimes are one of the most difficult cases to solve. If it is easy, you will not see millions of people getting their identities stolen yearly and losing billions in the process. The internet is a vast place with billions of data coming in from everywhere. Certainly, policing the internet so that the actions of each individual user are accounted for is a gargantuan task. The number of people falling victim to identity theft continues to increase, but the sad fact is that few are ever caught.

Police agencies are united in putting a stop to this crime which has more far-reaching effects than other crimes to property. However, try as they might they require more than guns and bullets to solve crimes of this nature; a crime involving a technology that anyone with enough knowledge can manipulate to their advantage. No wonder the police are frustrated. They will continue to be unless someone develops an effective tool for monitoring all activities in the web.

This does not mean that people should just give up. Identity theft crimes have too much negative impact on people’s lives to be ignored. You can lose all your money and end up losing your excellent credit reputation overnight. It could mean losing the capability to send children to college which can be particularly painful. Parents always want a good future for their children. It could also mean putting off plans to open a business which you have been saving for. You will be lucky if you do not have much in your accounts. However, how about your credit score should the perpetrator run through your credit limit and beyond? It could mean rebuilding from scratch and this takes time.

Identity theft crimes are not just about money. Imagine somebody doing things in your name without your knowledge. You can lose your well-guarded reputation and self-respect if you eventually find out that your double has done things you will be ashamed of. There is a good reason for exercising all caution to protect yourself from identity theft.

Let us say you are already a victim. One important thing to do in this case is map a plan to limit the effects of the thief. Your priority is to report the incident to concerned agencies. High in your list will be banks, credit companies, the social security agency, the federal identity theft clearing house, and credit reporting agencies. Ask the bureaus to freeze your account so the thief will not get to it. Get the support of fellow victims. Knowing others are undergoing the same difficulties can help boost your morale up.

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