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How the Internet Paves the Way to Identity Theft

By Ruth Racey
Published: Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

The internet has provided new ways for thieves to steal your information and commit fraud under your name

The internet is a vast financial and communication medium. The internet has provided new ways for thieves to steal your information and commit fraud under your name. A few of the basic ways of allowing the instances of identity theft are through internet chat rooms and spreading of malicious software.

Whenever you log in for chat or you download a file from the internet, you are already allowing the malware to sneak into your system. When this happens, the devise used by thieves will then scour your system for passwords, credit card number and computer names.

Moreover, online businesses also become a good source of information for thieves because whenever they require the filling out of forms by their consumers, they store the information in their data base which identity thieves could find ay to access. If this happens, the online businesses opened a chance for thieves to acquire a good amount of wealth from different people and a good chance to pursue their ill intents.

As you might not know of it, your email accounts are also possible avenues of revealing your identity. Email phishing is a false claim to be a reputable and established enterprise in an aim to persuade you to provide important personal information. Receiving an email that tells you how you have won a huge amount and would encourage you to click on a link for further details there is a form of phishing.

These kinds of transactions would further ask other details from you without you realizing that you are already revealing your personal details. The emails would further ask you to update your file by providing the most recent data including your social security number, your bank account information and passwords.

The internet is indeed a very threatening avenue of fraud for everyone. Whenever you open a Pay pal account, purchase on EBay, use auction website and undergo internet banking, you are already opening a chance for thieves to steal your identity. That is why the best way to deal with this issue is to take extra precaution when providing information.

Passwords are strong armors against theft if they are used properly. Make use of passwords that arte not entirely or directly related to your personal information like birthdays and other special dates. You can utilize mnemonic phrase and take off the first letter in each word to compose a very strong password. This way you are driving the chance away for thieves to guess them.

Indeed, online identity theft is becoming a gradual threat to internet users but there are a lot of ways which you can do to prevent yourself from becoming the next victim.

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