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IDENTITY SOS: Practical Tips Against Identity Theft

By Ruth Racey
Published: Saturday, February 25th, 2012

Identity Theft is as scary as looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing someone else staring back at you. Creepy isn’t it? But not until you experience having a true identity thief prying into your personal life. It ‘s a much more terrifying horror story in real life.

Credit identity theft does not only strike certain types of people, but it can happen to anyone in the world. Millions of people have suffered as victims of different identity defalcator. Identity thieves act like doppelgangers, sometimes even imitating how you look and act. Several victims would complain as to why purchases would be done without their control. This is because identity thieves are professional enough to weave their way into your money which is why we must be alarmed and attentive against these types of situations at all costs. So what are the things we can do to keep ourselves away from the dreaded “stolen-identity” situations? Here are some tips that may serve as your guide:

Consider getting your credit report. There are online credit reports available as well as free annual credit reports in the internet, so the idea of acquiring a copy is easy. With a credit report in hand, not only will you be able to look into your buying powers as a consumer but you are able to screen and check how much you’ve been spending and closely identify which purchase is truly your own. How you pay your bills and how much you pay for tax can also be evident in this document.

Keep it organized- always act as if you could be a victim of any crook at any given moment. Keep your valuables in check. Never let your credit cards or official documents lying around and store them in a safe and secure place. It never hurts to be extra careful. Because if a thief gets his or her hands on your information, prepare for the worst.

Be Careful When You Buy Things Online- not all websites can be trusted. Some online stores ask for personal information about you as well as other needed details before sending your goods. If at any point you feel suspicious about the data they want to get from you, double check if the site is credible or not or don’t continue your transaction at all. Check if the sites you shop in are reliable and trusted.

Lock everything- if you use the computer in the internet cafe or any other public area, always remember to logout of your account. Sometimes carelessness leads to many unwanted consequences so always remember to keep your personal information safe. If possible, have different passwords for your online accounts. This will make it harder for a hacker to trace your personal information online.

Should you be a victim, get a victim statement- According to a source, there is such a thing as victim statements. This is when you inform the creditors and companies, as well as lenders, about being preyed upon by these identity snatchers.

Safety is a necessity. With these tips, you will definitely be able to keep yourself safe and in control.

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