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Identity theft – watch out somebody’s watching you

By Ruth Racey
Published: Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

You would not know who might be looking into your records and will be doing some purchases without your knowledge and permission too. It is also very important to ask your credit card company about how to secure your valuable information and keep it protected. Another thing is there should be coordination between credit card companies and the police department. This way the identity thief will be foiled immediately upon using the stolen card. Common sense is also really very important when using one’s information over the net or dealing with a new acquaintance. Identity theft is very rampant nowadays and this is the time that vital information should be safeguarded.

How would you know if you are an identity theft victim?

a)    You get calls from credit companies that you know you have not applied with.

b)    Your credit card report mail is either late or does not arrive at all. This is when you should already be wondering why this happens when in fact in the past it has always been on time. When this happens to you, you should already know that you might be an identity theft victim. The earlier you settle things with your credit card company the earlier that theft will be detected and thus saving yourself from credit card bankruptcy.

c)    You are either denied when you apply for a credit card or you would be offered a higher than usual rate. You should look into your credit card history and then show it to a new credit card company so that you will be able to clear your name from identity theft

What you should know when your identity has been stolen:

a)    Your name will be used in different illegal activities

b)    The identity thief could apply for cable service, heating or phone services

c)    Your social security could be used against you but not by you. This will happen when later on someone already has made a claim of your benefit and you are left empty handed.

Knowing these things, you should know that you will be helped by your credit company by availing of their credit card protection program. You also have the help of the police when you file for both credit card and social security card theft. Always make sure that the person you are doing some transaction with is legal and if you somehow doubt, you better do a background check of the company or the person claiming a personnel from your credit card company. If the person or name of the company sounds phony it might be already an identity thieve you are dealing with.

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