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Identity thieves amongst us

By Ruth Racey
Published: Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

Identity thieves have been thriving among us. They might even look very convincing when it comes to transacting business with you. Perhaps they may even be a common face in our neighborhood. The internet has been used in different ways, both good as well as bad.

How do you understand identity thief? How are they able to steal something that is secured and in our control? The internet is a powerful tool for identity thieves to survive. There is also the old style of stealing your identity through bag snatching.

Anyways, identity theft is a serious crime and might be becoming a social problem in the metropolitan area. The victim will not only lose money, identity but also the trust of others who have been victimized by identity thefts using the credit card with his or her name on it.

What should a victim of identity theft do after the credit card has been stolen?

  • The victim should immediately inform the credit card company about the theft.
  • The victim should monitor any transaction that has been done after a few weeks or months that the credit has been stolen. This way, the credit company would be aware that, that day or time that the transaction has been made, she or he was not even in that establishment.

Where is identity theft used?

In different kinds of frauds:

  1. Utilities fraud which includes your phone services= this is when the identity thieves are able to set up a business using your phone number. They can also open a new account for their cable, electricity as well as heating.
  2. Highly confidential or government fraud = this is when they will sign your social security number to claim benefits from the government. They could also use your information to do fraudulent tax return and this will be a very bad news for you because the government will be running after you and not them.
  3. Credit Card fraud - this is most common nowadays. Identity thieves are able to use your card at their convenience by changing your own address and that is when they could start using your credit card and sooner or later you will discover that your credit card is already used up and it is now time to pay back the company.

With all these things going on, credit card owners as well as those with very important documents are supposed to be more vigilant when using personal information over the net.

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