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Knowing Identity Theft

By Ruth Racey
Published: Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Identity theft is a crime that is all about thieves taking advantage of your identity. And it is not just simply your identity; in fact, it includes all of your personal financial accounts. In this case, actually, thieves are very willing to get all the necessary information that is required for them to steal your financial accounts. Due to the nature of identity theft, as well as the opportunities present for thieves given the present technological advances, it is already seen as one of the fastest growing crimes in the US.

Identity theft can be done in so many ways. Even before the advent of the internet, thieves have already been stealing identities from other people, just for them to take advantage of your financial account in all of their transactions. Remember that for thieves to succeed in stealing your identity, they need the necessary information to access your account. Therefore, as long as you have vulnerable personal information, you face high risks of being the next victim of identity theft.

Also, take note that for you to access your own personal financial account, it is necessary that you must enter information, such as your credit card number, your bank account number and your Personal Identification Number. That is the reason why whenever thieves are able to get this information, naturally, they also can access your financial account.

There are many ways on how thieves can be able to get them. One way is for them to retrieve your receipts and other valuable financial documents. They are actually taking advantage of consumers who are too careless to dispose financial documents, even though they may not be needed anymore. In this case, thieves even go to out and sort your garbage bin, hoping that they can get financial documents to aid them in stealing your identity.

In addition, thieves are also willing enough to go to your mailbox and look for valuable information or financial documents that are mailed to you. In fact, there are a lot of cases of identity theft that are related to thieves being able to ransack one’s mailbox. Do not forget that financial institutions still use mail as a way to communicate to clients. In this case, thieves are trying to take advantage of looking for your PIN, your SS number, your bank account number, your full name and address, and your credit card number in your mailbox.

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