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Smart techniques to keep identity theft at bay

By Ruth Racey
Published: Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Identity theft is very much prevalent these days. And it is gaining in strength by the day as more and more people turn to the internet for all their needs. Let’s face it, the internet has made the world a small place but at the same time it is a lot easier for a thief to rob stuff without you even realizing it.

There were times when the only identity theft that used to take place was guys trying to look like someone else by wearing a costume. These days, the thief can make away with millions from the safety and comfort of his home.

It’s good to follow a few simple steps to ensure that you do not fall prey to identity thieves. It’s all about making their job tougher.

Firstly, whenever you are typing in your pin number in an ATM or at the grocery store, make sure that no one is shoulder surfing. Shoulder surfing is when a person tries to see your pin number while you are typing it. This is the crudest way of doing it, but it is effective if you do not take care.

Always shred all your paper trash. You will regularly receive a lot of documents by the mail. This will include your bank statements, your bills, and even a lot of personal letters. All of these contain a lot of information that should not fall into the hands of impersonators. Make sure you destroy all of this paper trash before discarding them.

Also make sure that you destroy all your digital data. If you are selling your old computer or hard disk, use good software to completely erase the contents. There are a lot of sophisticated tools out there that can access the contents even after you purge them. Hence make sure you do a good job of it. And if you are throwing away any DVD’s or CD’s, make sure to break them before you do so. In fact there are certain dedicated shredders available which can make the job easier.

It is a good habit to check your statements often. This way you can get alerted about any unwarranted transaction and you may take action.

Also whenever you pay your bills make sure you go to the post office personally and drop them off. This way even if an identity thief rummages through your post box, he cannot find much. Your bill payment will have information like your account number and routing number which if in the wrong hands can wipe you clean. Such simple steps can prevent identity theft.

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