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Surviving the Serious Crime of Identity Theft

By Ruth Racey
Published: Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

People who have suffered from financial identity theft will agree that this crime can leave terrible scars. If you have been affected by financial identity theft then you should know that you are not alone and there are others that have had similar experiences. This article will help you understand ways you can survive this incident and move on in life. 

Reporting the Crime Is Very Important 

You will need to contact the police and report the crime immediately. You may also need to report the crime to the district attorney’s office. Depending on your location you may or may not be helped financially by the law after the case is filed. You should keep copy of the filed report with you since some creditors require the police’s statement to take any action. Some bank’s may also require the police’s report to take any action so you will need this report while contact banks and the credit bureau

Contact Related Financial Institutions Immediately 

After being affected by identity theft you should contact banks, loan companies and credit card companies immediately. You should alert them of the situation and ask them to send you a letter in writing that you have alerted them. While some of your lenders may not ask you for proof you should be ready to file affidavits of forgery. You should also apply for replacement bank numbers, replacement cards and passwords for all your accounts. 

Start Keeping detailed Records 

After being affected by identity theft you should start making detailed records of all your transactions. You should keep a record of the credit you are taking, the installments you are paying and the money you are spending. This step should be followed even if you haven’t faced this crime but this step should definitely be followed if you are a victim of financial theft. You should also make a note of which bank you spoke to, the time and date of the interaction and names of the people you have interacted with. 

Contact the Credit Bureau As Soon As Possible 

You will need to contact the credit bureau and ask them to flag your credit report with a fraud alert so that your creditors know that you are a victim. You should also the credit department to send out your flagged credit report to all your creditors so that they are alerted that you are a victim of identity theft. You will also need to ask the relevant department to recheck all the information in your credit report and correct the entries.

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