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Don't be fooled by every website claiming that their credit monitoring service is free. Most of these sites purportedly offer you free credit reports but actually charge you a fee once you complete the process. The list on this page gives you the most credible and popular web sites to go to, so you could get your credit report and credit score, without being duped and without spending a single cent.

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Your Credit Score: Why It Matters

Credit score is an all too familiar term for consumers. Whenever you make a purchase or you finalize a transaction, these two words inevitably surface. Like most people, however, you may not know how your credit score really affects your financial life.

Whenever you apply for a loan, financial institutions consider your credit score as one of the primary bases for approving your application. It is an indication of your credibility as a consumer. A high credit rating immediately gets a nod of approval, while a low score means your application will most likely be rejected. It sure helps to keep your credit rating high, for it means having a solid, credible reputation as a consumer.

A good credit score also entails a low interest rate for your loans. On top of getting immediate approval, your creditors will offer you the best interest rates in the market. You could still have your loan application approved despite having a low score, but you will be given a higher interest rate by your creditor.

Having a high credit rating also affects your employment. When applying for a promotion, your employer will check your credit score and use it as a basis for giving or denying you the position. The rationale behind this is that if you have a high credit score, you are a responsible individual and therefore a competent worker. If your score is inferior, it means just the opposite.

Other significant impacts of the credit score involve your home and vehicle insurance. A good credit rating will earn you the lowest premiums and best insurance packages in the market, while a low score will entail high premiums and waived perks and privileges.

Now that you know the significance of your credit score, remember to keep it high and solid. If your score is low, start working on getting a higher rating.