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Make Your Credit Repairs Fast

By Janet Lacey
Published: Friday, September 4th, 2009

If your low credit score is becoming a matter of concern and hampering your financial position then something serious needs to be done. In order to improve your credit score it is very essential to repair your credits first. Low credit means good score. Though there are many companies which claim to improve your score by repairing your credit but you can do this process all by yourself by following few simple yet effective tips:

  • Always pay your credit card
    It is always better to pay your credit cards in time. Whenever you apply for loans the lenders see that what is the gap between your available credit limit and the one which you are using. In order to repair your credits keep the balance of your card below 30% of your total credit limit. In case if you have many cards then make the payment of those cards first which are close to their credit limit.
  • Keep a close check on your limits:
    If your card is showing lower limit than what you have then your credit will be really poor and will hamper your score. In such cases instead of increasing your limits pay off your balances first.
  • Use your cards sensibly:
    Credit cards are of great help if they are used sensibly. Do not rack up big balances on your card as it affects your score as well. By keeping your balances low you can repair your credits very quickly.
  • Maintain goodwill:
    Get some goodwill for yourself. If you have been a good customer than your lender might even ignore one late payment made by you. You can make a request to your lender to have your goodwill adjustment which will help you to repair your credit.
  • Dispute your old negatives:
    Many a times it is possible that your poor credit is due to a dispute or a fight. In such cases you can keep protesting about the unfair charge which made your credit poor. If your collection accounts are small or are very old then the agency won’t bother a lot when credit bureau will investigate into your dispute.
  • Look out for all the errors which might have affected your credit:
    Many a time there are errors in your credit report which result in your poor credit score and affects your credit. In such cases in order to repair your credit look out for those mistakes and get them rectified. The main errors which can affect you significantly are late payment details, collections, credit limit reported at lower amount than what they actually are, accounts which are listed as paid off, settled, bankruptcy.
  • Do not apply for new cards when you already have many:
    Applying for more and more credit cards will ultimately land you up in troubles. Keep only few cards with you so that you can manage your accounts properly.
    Thus in order to repair your credit, it is very important to take care of your cards and their payments. Proper management of your card will definitely help you to have a good credit and thus a good score.

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