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The credit report and the role it plays in people’s lives

By Janet Lacey
Published: Sunday, December 25th, 2011

Money may not be the only thing that makes the world go round but it is something that truly plays a huge role in it. It is money that is of course a necessity for people to have. Money allows for the acquisition of all sorts of products and services that maybe necessary for survival or just to allow them access to certain forms of luxury. Money is an important part of the world’s dynamic. It is what acts as a driving force behind it and that is why it is no surprise that it is those that have the money that have the most power and influence in society.

Money though as some have termed it to be the root of all evil is a necessary evil at that. People will find it difficult or just simply impossible to survive in this world without a good amount of money. There is however other ways to emulate the power of money without actually having it at the exact time and that can be done through the usage of the credit card.

The credit card is in essence an implement of currency that people use in the same way as regular cash although with different consequences. Money in the form of paper and coins when used are then transferred and are no longer in the possession of the one that has made the purchase while the credit card on the other hand is a form of currency that will account for a certain scope of purchasing and not be disposed of with just a single usage. Credit cards are almost a more convenient form of money.

Instead of having to carry around in wallets money that is in the form of coins and paper they can now just use this powerful plastic card to achieve the same purchasing effect. The credit card is thought of in certain circles as the currency of the future since most people have bank accounts and opt to keep the actual money there. There is however a danger that can be brought on by the credit card and that is the danger of overextending oneself because of the credit card. People may tend to spend more liberally with the credit card and as such may cause for some potential financial distress in the future. It is then that people must understand the importance of being responsible with the credit card.

A credit report essentially details all the important things about a person and their credit history. It tells the story of their ability to meet deadlines with payments as well as their reliability on such fronts. This particular report is important because it factors in significantly when it comes to evaluating the viability of a person seeking a loan. The report becomes the basis of a credit score and as such affects a person’s ability to secure loans as well as their ability to secure those loans with fairly good rates attached to them. The main thing to remember is to practice responsible actions when it comes to matters that involve credit.

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