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Be Wary and Protect your the Valuable Credit Rating

By Janet Lacey
Published: Monday, September 5th, 2011

We have a new problems looming over the horizon.

Due to the ever growing internet’s easy accessibility and the ever growing diversity in committing crime, specifically identity theft, even good credit ratings or credit scores are in danger of becoming a risk for creditors to take because of these identity thieves.

People with credit accounts are in danger of having bad credit ratings or credit scores just because of websites that offer free credit reports or other related credit services. Because some, but not all, of these websites, that offer such free service, are sometimes scams, it is no longer safe for every credit account owners.

Crimes, specifically identity theft, which targets person’s identity or personal information, credit account information, and other similar information, are also rampant through or in the internet. And although it is very helpful that there is the internet that everyone could employ or to gain access to information, even goods and services, it is also dangerous because of these crimes and/or criminals.

And some ways that the internet offers to counter act these fraudulent actions of criminals is through helpful tips for people that are afraid to have problem, specifically with their credit ratings or credit scores. These helpful tips, which are to provide people way to stay away from becoming a victim of the largest growing crime in the United States, identity theft, which also targets people because of their credit accounts.

People with credit accounts take in to a very special consideration is their credit rating or credit score, because this score or rating decides whether a person could be given the opportunity to have a new account, have a loan, etc, or in other words if decides a person’s financial opportunities.  Customers can obtained free copy of their credit report through the internet. However, some are fraud websites if they ask the customer to give their credit number. They are not really offering free credit report.

Credit card promotions are sometimes form of fooling customers that will cause negative impact to their credit rating.  Card holders are warned that every time they take out a credit card or cancel one, it can have a major effect on their credit rating. One card holder signed up for three different credit cards because they were offering free airline miles. He never used the cards after the first initial purchase to activate the cards, and paid the bill immediately. Afterwards, he just discovered that signing these cards and cancelling them really affected his credit ratings.

Holding a credit card impose responsibilities to the card holder.  Keeping informed and taking control of the credit balances are card holder’s responsibility. It should not be taken over by others even their spouse, closest friend or parents.

Keeping separate credit card for every spouse would at least minimize the possibility of turning down of home loan or car loan because of delinquent in paying of bills of one of them.  Nonetheless, every card holder should learn to pay their bills immediately to avoid black mark on their credit rating.

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