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Three types of most common identity thefts

By Janet Lacey
Published: Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

Identity theft is probably one of the most common offenses around the globe today. The most detrimental aspect about this very fast rising crime is that anyone can become a target anywhere – on the web when a person verifies his or her bank account, during a family vacation when a person uses his credit card or even at their local store. Identity robbery can easily expose your fiscal reputation in wrecks and set you back thousands of dollars.

And, what is the ultimate way to overcome it? Keep yourself well-informed. Know very well what identity theft is and figure out how to identify it in several forms. Learning as much about this problem is the key component in whipping it. There exists a false impression that identity thievery merely implies that someone duplicates your credit card or manages to acquire the plastic card number. These conceptions are really far from the truth. In fact, identity fraud can entail a huge variety of criminal offenses.

  • Identity fraud is of different types. Child identity theft, medical identity theft, identity cloning, financial identity fraud and criminal identity theft. In all cases the criminal presumes your identification. The person could after that take a mortgage using your name, request for credit cards, or even execute a crime in your name. Certainly, the ramifications of this kind of fraud are massive, because the responsibility will be upon you to demonstrate your innocence.
  • Credit card fraud is one of the most typical kinds of identity theft in which the criminal manages to get hold of your bank card particulars. The worst scenario here is that the offender may additionally get access to your Social Security Number, empowering him to secure loans in your name.
  • The Social Security number plays an important role in our society. Anyone can make use of this number to avert taxations by submitting the files in the name of the victim. In case the thief gets access to this number as well as to the victims’ banking details, the fraud could virtually damage the financial standing of the person.

The only way left for a person to protect his or her identity is to constantly verify the fiscal activities. Instead of using a credit card online, try to use third party websites like Paypal or Skrill to hide your personal information. In case you are having a family vacation, ensure to keep your cards in a safe place.

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