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Different ways of to identity theft

By Janet Lacey
Published: Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

It is not really very hard to become victims of identity theft today. In fact, many people who end up realizing about their identity theft are often unaware of it when it actually happens. They might take quite a long time before realizing that their identity has been stolen. This is often the reason why people who are often victims of this particular crime can’t always expect to receive justice. Hence, one might be upset with the fact that they might not always get back what they lost even if they have reported the crime to the authorities.

There are many number of ways in which one can become a victim of identity theft. It is not always restricted to the obvious things like your passport or your social security card, both of which are often used in identity theft cases. Nowadays, criminals are going high tech and finding out newer ways to commit these crimes and go unnoticed. In fact, you might be surprised to know about the number of different ways in which one can become a victim of identity theft, and these are actually people who might be well versed with technology or even working in law enforcement agencies.

Thanks to the ease with which one can buy reasonably high tech gadgets these days, stealing another person’s identity is actually a child’s game. Whenever you use a computer to go online and check out something either on your email account or even to check your bank balance, you might be exposing yourself to the really dangerous world of cyber crimes. Using a computer at a remote location, perpetrators are known to gain access to your personal files on your computer and use it to open bank accounts and take out huge loans in your name.

It is quite shocking to note how easily one can do this today. Since most of us are particularly familiar with security and how to have strong passwords for our various accounts, we end up becoming easy victims of these crimes. The problem is that most people keep very easy to guess passwords or security questions that can be cracked by a fourth grade student. Hence, we are actually making it all the more easier for the other person to steal our identity. Also, criminals install viruses and Trojans on the victims computers to further steal information from that persons contact book and probably dupe another innocent person.

With a little care, we can make it challenging and literally impossible for identity thieves to walk away with our personal information. In fact, using caution while working on a public computer or just using any computer that is online is the requirement of the day.  Additionally, you might also want to hold on to your personal information like your ID cards and your passport, and keep them somewhere safe so that only you can have access to it. It is also wise to only carry what you require and not carry your entire wallet with you all the time.

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