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How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

By Janet Lacey
Published: Friday, September 4th, 2009

You can protect yourself from identity theft by taking proactive efforts. If you think that nothing is going to happen with you then you are certainly wrong as those people who have faced this problem also used to think the same. Identity theft can happen to anyone whether they are normal human being or big celebrities. Though you cannot protect yourself completely but taking few preventive measures can definitely protect you from becoming a prospective victim.

By following the ways as below,  you can play safe from the problem of identity theft:

  • Destroy all unwanted credit cards and its offers:
    Pre approved cards come to you every now and then. In order to prevent any mishapenings just destroy these cards by burning them, shredding them or ripping them. You can also unsubscribe yourself from getting these cards to avoid any unforeseen events.
  • Do not disclose your Social Security number:
    Never give your social security number to anyone until and unless it is very important. Many companies collect much more information than what they require and in such cases just assure yourself that the privacy of all your information are maintained.
  • Shred away your sensitive documents:
    If you are about to throw any of your sensitive information into trash then just shred it before doing so. Many a times important information is transferred to other person through these dumpster diving only.
  • Don’t mention your details on Checks:
    Do not mention anything beside your name and address on your checks. Keep a close watch on your checks books while using them and also while they are lying around.
  • Review your credit report:
    One should always review their credit report every year to ensure that no new account or credit card is issued in their name. The review of the report also helps you to make sure that no new inquiries are made by people with whom you have had no business. You can also subscribe to those services where you get an alert whenever there are changes in your credit report.
  • Do not convey your personal information on phone:
    Do not give any of your personal details to the person on phone who is not known to you and who has initiated the call. Most of the time fraud people pretend to be your financial services providers and request for your personal information on phone. Just avoid such calls and take all their details and make a call back on the number to ensure their credibility.
  • Review your monthly credit card statements:
    Monthly credit card statements should be reviewed properly to find that there is no transaction which is not made by you. Get regular monthly statements and in case if there is delay, contact your credit card company for the same. It is quite possible that someone might have got the address changed and using your card for few more weeks.
    Besides these there are many other precautions which should be taken care of to avoid the problem of identity theft. As it is always said that prevention is better than cure so take necessary steps beforehand to avoid identity theft rather than regretting later.

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