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Seeking help for identity theft protection

By Janet Lacey
Published: Monday, November 23rd, 2009

The number of incidents on identity theft are on the rise. The increasing trend is mainly because of lack of knowledge on our end. Since we are not aware of the seriousness of many things we do, we tend to make life easier for the person trying to make money at the cost of our sleepless nights. Identity theft is one of the most horrific experiences you could have. You constantly have a fear in you, wondering what more the person posing as you could do to damage your image. Many a times, the problem is known much after victim suffers considerable loss.

We tend to trust people too willingly. We always think that the person next to us may suffer from some problem, but it is only in rare cases that we realize that we are inviting problems for ourselves with that attitude. We tend to get a little careless about our belongings. We entrust it with strangers or to people whom we think are friends or acquaintances without realizing the amount of damage this could make.

In fact, the culprits do not need to get access to any of your documents to see happy days. They could easily access information about you from your computer. You may not have the least idea about it, but the technically sound culprits may have their software running on your system to do wonders for them. Vital information like passwords, credit card numbers or bank account numbers should be given at your own risk via the net. It is certainly not a safe means of sharing such important information. When people are ready to go to an extent of deciphering the information from the garbled data they have access to, your information would be like a jackpot since it is in a ready to use form.

Installation for anti virus software could shield you from such attacks to quite an extent. You will anyway have to be cautious about the information you save on the computer. It is wise not to save any of your passwords on the system. It is also a good practice to ensure that you have logged out of the website completely before you leave the system. In case you have to use the computer to make any on-line transaction, make use of the secure websites to do so. They have fool proof security and are being used by many for their transactions.

Many security agents are cropping up due to the high demand in security. In fact, most of them work in tandem with the local governments whose main aim is to maintain law and order in the surroundings. We could seek the help of such agencies when we think we are under a threat of a identity attack or being targeted by culprits for any reason.

These are new practices, unheard of in the past, but should not be put aside for the same reason. Things were different in the past. The needs and demands varied and so did the rate of crimes. We must accept and be open to the fact that we are susceptible to thefts and take help from security agencies when we have even a minimal suspicion.

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