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Things you need to know about Identity Theft

By Janet Lacey
Published: Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

There are a couple of crimes that you need to be wary of since these are the ones that are going to directly impact you. Identity theft is one of them as the victims are often unaware of the crime until much later, when the perpetrator has done a lot of damage to the victim’s identity. Hence, you need to take guard and learn more about this crime so that you to don’t become a victim at a later stage. Thus, it is vital that you learn about it before it is too late and end up paying the price for your negligence.

Preventive measures to put in place

The best solution to identity theft, like pretty much any other problem out there, would be to simply put in preventive measures so that you don’t have to deal with the crime to begin with. One would be to destroy any and all documents that has a lot of confidential information and might not be required anymore. Don’t just throw out these papers carelessly and use a shredder instead. Save all the necessary documents and financial records in a safe and trustworthy place. Also, don’t give too many people access to this location, as that create problems as well.

Monitor your assets

Most of the victims of identity thefts admit to having been generally relaxed about their accounts and records, which explains why they became a victim in the first place. Hence, an effective measure would be to keep track of your financial activities on your bank accounts as well as your credit cards and notice any strange transactions right away. Don’t delay even if it is a small unaccounted for transaction, as there is no particular reason that it might not have been generated by someone not associated with you. Keep your bank informed about your suspicions so that they too can monitor your card from their side.

Don’t sign up for anything suspicious

When signing up for bank accounts and other such things, make it a habit to not sign up for something that you don’t completely trust. If you recently received an application for a loan at a great rate of interest or a credit card at a truly impressive interest rate, verify the source before you can go out there and provide further details. Impersonators have become really good at their job, which is why they are so difficult to track down and make identity theft something very hard to figure out.

In the end, don’t be involved in anything that you are not comfortable with and always protect your personal information to the best possible extent. Eventually, you will realize that if you maintain your guard, it is impossible to become a victim of identity theft. However, people often don’t realize this and think that it is only the rich and famous that has to worry about such things. On the contrary, it is all of us regular people who are most often the victims since we are so easy to steal information from.

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