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When can identity theft strike?

By Janet Lacey
Published: Thursday, July 29th, 2010

There are crimes that take place all the time, without any particular time being better for it than how it might be right now. One crime that you might be hearing about all the time is identity theft. The reason this crime should be of more interest lies in the fact that, it is difficult to trace if not detected in a short amount of time. Hence, you too should do your best in order to prevent yourself from becoming another victim and adding to the statistic. There are a number of things that you can do in order to avoid having to deal with this problem altogether.

Use discretion and encryption

If you are transferring some confidential information like credit card details or something similar, then you should be discreet about it and use a method that is guaranteed to be safe and not lose your information. Don’t shop online if you don’t trust the vendor. Similarly, don’t buy something from a dubious provider in real life as well. Even when you are sending out mail that might have information which is connected to you, be safe and use a form of mail that is going to get the job done without getting you in trouble. These simple steps will keep identity theft at bay.

Don’t reveal anything critical

If someone is asking for information like you social security number, credit card number or even your bank account number, verify that they are who they claim to be and that the information they are asking for is actually required in the procedure.  If you feel even for once that the information required is not mandatory and can be avoided, inform this to the other person. Unless you are absolutely sure, it is extremely unwise to reveal any of this information. In fact, this financial information that you might be providing should also be done in a safe way, as victims of identity theft might have scrupulous individuals listening in on their conversations.

No to junk mail

If you get a lot of junk mail, it is time to take control. Some of the junk mail that we receive in email today is such that it might contain a virus or a Trojan, which doesn’t require you to do anything other than just open the mail. Hence, avoid junk mail as much as you can and say no to subscriptions which might be bringing junk mail along with itself. Only open mails that you get from trusted senders, which shouldn’t be too hard if you know all the people who might be sending mail out to you.

If you take enough precaution, it is possible to never have to deal with identity theft itself. Exercise a little caution and you should be on top of things, including the finances in your life. The moment you stop caring about something, it might come back to haunt you somewhere down the line. Hence, as long as you are being safe with your money, you should be fine and not encounter any kind of problem.

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