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Who should worry about identity theft?

By Janet Lacey
Published: Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

When you read about identity theft in the newspaper every other day, it might get you wondering as to who exactly should be worried about this phenomenon and whether you too could end up a victim later on. The truth is that there are no strict guidelines related to the victims and pretty much anyone can end up a victim if they are not careful enough. If you have taken adequate measures and ensure that you have protected yourself, then there is not much that you need to be worried about.

Factors that encourage identity theft

The most important factors that encourage this kind of crime are the traits that define the person. If you are someone who is lax about personal security and don’t really check your bank accounts too often, then you are an ideal candidate for identity theft. One of the basic requirements that the perpetrators look out for is if the victim actually cares about their financial information or not. In most cases, the victims were not even aware of their identity having been stolen until it is much later. They get to know about it only after they notice something big, by which the criminals might have gotten all that they need and fled away to somewhere far away.

What you should do

If you are a victim of identity theft, you need to report to the authorities right away and make sure that they are on the lookout for any suspicious activity on your account. Since it is crucial that you don’t let the criminal know that you are aware of him right away, you should continue letting him use the credit card and other information like nothing has changed. Eventually, he will get caught if he doesn’t change his modus operandi. Once you are aware of the crime, then the problem is solved half way.

Protecting yourself

If you don’t ever want to deal with identity theft, then you need to be safe with your confidential information and financial accounts. Don’t take it for granted, as this information is extremely valuable to everyone. If it has been exposed once, then there is no saying as to how complex it might be later on to get it back or to change it. The hassle of doing this is much more than that involved in protecting it. Hence, like how the adage goes, prevention is better than the cure. Take a little interest in protecting it and you will be glad that you did so.

If you still feel that it is more of a hassle than anything else, think about how much money you might be saving in the long run. The cost of identity theft is often not determined. Dependent on who might have got your information, you might have a tough time trying to get your finances back in track. Hence, avoid all of this and just take a little interest in protecting your bank accounts and other personal financial records right away.

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