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  • Gain insight in your credit report

    by Faye Mergel
    Gain insight in your credit report

    If you have ever been in situation to apply for a loan, you probably know what a credit report and credit score are. Wouldn’t it be great to know how well you’re doing over a period of time shorter than a year? Sure it would, especially if you’re preparing to apply for a new loan. If you are in this sort of situation there is a new service that can help you. When in need of credit report, people are … (more) August 14, 2014

  • Credit Report Check a Must for Tax Season

    by Faye Mergel
    Credit Report Check a Must for Tax Season

    The holiday season is here once again and finance advisers are quick to remind consumers of the importance of checking their credit report before being caught by the holiday rush. However, they also tell consumers that when the shopping days are over, it will be time for them to pay Uncle Sam his due or get a refund instead. The time for taxpayers to meet their obligations is fast approaching and another credit report check would help them know what … (more) December 27, 2009

Credit Report Tips

As a consumer, you are faced with hundreds of different transactions, applications and deals per year. To cover for your expenses, credit cards are typically used to substitute for money. In case you can’t use cards and cash, you can use other payment options such as wire transfer. Completing transactions have become so much easier these days because of the internet. But whatever payment option you wish to use, there is one thing you need to know after all the … (more) October 28, 2011

Credit Report Advice

Thinking of checking your credit history but you have no idea how to get a copy? Well, here’s an article that can help you do just that! The passing of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) has mandated credit bureaus to issue at least 1 free copy of a citizen’s credit report. This way, all consumers can fight identity theft, stay informed and get fair treatment from their creditors. Getting a free credit report is now as easy as a … (more) October 3, 2011