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By Andy Snyder
Published: Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

The vitality of credit reports couldn’t be denied. The information derived from this compilation of our credit histories, credit reporting agencies sought from credit card companies, lenders, banks and other financial institutions, reveals our debt management ability and worthiness to credit as reflected by our credit scores.

The sensitivity of the data cradled by credit report, as we all know by now, is not an exemption for inaccuracies and anomalies. To address this issue, legal authorities provided us with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This was primarily formulated so as to watch over the consumers’ welfare with regards to information privacy protection and increased accuracy of this information.

On our part as consumers, we can be equipped with credit report advice for the things that we can do for ourselves. We can just follow credit report advice to fix our problems or even to avoid being bothered by these errors. However, sometimes we tend to be too busy that even for a biological need like sleeping; we couldn’t suffice the standard number of hours, how much more about facing these credit reports.

It is ideal to follow the credit report advice of having a regular assessment on the credit report, but with life’s busy-ness, it is not surprising to find people having too little or moreover no time to exercise this valuable advice.

If this is the case having an error-free report is still not an impossibility. We can still use another credit report advice of seeking professional help to address our issues.

The three main credit bureaus, Experian, Trans Union and Equifax, are offering services that we can actually utilize if we are dealing with a very tight schedule every day.

First we have credit reports. Credit bureaus are the ones compiling information from different companies and financial institutions to come up with this report. This credit report is given free every 12 months, otherwise it has a price. If one really wants to do a close reviewing on a regular basis, 12 months might appear to be too long a time.

Having unlimited access on ones credit report is possible for a price to pay. For Equifax, they offer this service for $11 which is good for a month while Experian offer the same service for a dollar less.

Major credit reporting agencies can also do the credit report advice of closely monitoring the credit reports. If our busy life would not allow us to do this, we can actually rely on CRAs. Credit bureaus are also offering 3-in-1 monitoring services through which all 3 credit reports can be viewed in a single document thus analysis and comparison are made a lot easier. This monitoring would give fraud alerts and regular check for malicious activity.

Other than these, credit bureaus can also give us information on how to handle disputes, security and credit report advice.

These are just some of the services credit reporting agencies can do to help us protect the vital information catered by our credit reports.

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