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Credit Report Advice: Why Prevention is better than cure

By Andy Snyder
Published: Friday, December 18th, 2009

Life is a busy road. Everyday you encounter traffic of stimulus all wanting your attention. It is indeed an age of information where everything is specified and is heavily detailed. And sometimes you happen to be too preoccupied that you tend to overlook some of these details which at the end of the day surprise you-in a negative manner-because they are mismatched and erroneous-like credit reports.
This article presents some credit report advice that you can use in dealing with these problems.

Credit reports are documentations that reveal you records of billing and debts. Specifically this report would include your personal information like name, address, birthday, your spouse’s name, office address, etc. Also your credit reports contain your recent credit activity plus information regarding courthouse records, bankruptcies, lawsuits and the like as stated on your credit inquiries and of course, the meatiest part of this report, your credit history.

With all the above information that such a document cradles, credit reports must have been one of the most accurate and reliable pieces of paper in our times. Unfortunately, reality runs counter this. Credit reports are indeed subjected to being erroneous most of the time, creating more business for credit repair companies and giving more use for credit report advice.

Hiring someone to fix the discrepancies on your credit report is indeed very convenient but you must remember, there is nothing that a credit repair company can do that you couldn’t. This is our first credit report advice. Try to deal with your problem personally to have a grasp of the entire picture of your situation and to see clearly what went wrong and how did it happen. Then follow a few more credit report advice to have your problem fixed.

Once you are certain that you have spotted an error on your report, have your dispute verified by confirming it with the information source. Then backed up by supporting documents, send your complaint to the credit bureau. These are the things you can do when the problem reached your door steps already, but there are also things you can do to prevent these things to start accumulating.

An ancient philosopher once said that in solving problems you must focus on the things that you can directly control and this is another important credit report advice. Do not wait until everything gets complicated before you take your actions. “Prevention is better than cure.” Do not wait for the amassing of your credit report errors go knocking on your door one day before you learn the ABC’s of it.

Start by keeping track of all the transactions that you are dealing with regarding your financial business. Also have all your billing statements, receipts, checks, letters and e-mails filed.

Another credit report advice to avoid errors on your report is to value consistency. Use the same name on all your loans and other lines of credit.

When applying for credit it is another credit report advice to provide your Social Security number. This number is unique thus supplying this information would help prevent your records be mixed up with others’ with the same name as yours.

Also it is advisable to include the list of your previous addresses for the last five years on your credit application. Doing so will ensure a clearer credit history. Lastly, another important credit report advice, regularly review your credit reports.

These are the details that we know must be given attention despite having life as a busy road to have an early fixed to what can be fixed and to prevent what can be prevented.

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