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Identity Thieves: (A.K.A) The Sleek Virtual Thieves

By Andy Snyder
Published: Sunday, November 8th, 2009

It is the age of cyber world. It is a time wherein, not only your cash or car can be stolen, but your identity as well. Hence the term “identity theft” came into place. This is a crime popular as a Hollywood star especially in credit-inclined negotiations. It does damage to your reputation as well as to your finances. No one wants to be a part of this for it is both dangerous and stressful, so seek for a good credit report advice that will help you do away from situations like this.  

A credit report advice will always tell you to get a copy of your financial records on a regular basis. You are allowed to do this once a year but if you try to request a copy on separate occasions(application of new loans or new bank accounts) you will be able to monitor your credit record more than once a year. Try to do this especially if you are on the look-out for identity theft.

 There are 3 National Consumer Reporting Companies namely: Experian, Trans,  Union and Equifax. They are the ones doing the researches on your financial activities (your loans, expenses and payments) and issuing credit reports with regards to those activities. Have the time to sit down and study their credit reports. Look for errors cautiously. Spot for inconsistencies or changes that look questionable. Check every single data entered especially those under your financial activities like payments and new loan application as a good credit report advice.

Identity thieves most probably want to steal your identity to have access to your money and be able to get loans under your name. They will not only damage your credit record in the eye of the lending companies but will leave you with a lot of unpaid bills as well. A credit report advice will tell you that there are ways to get out of this sticky situation. Though it might look like the end of the world, don’t let this ruin you. Rise above and stop them right away.

When already faced with identity theft, deal with it by first, seeking credit report advice. This will help you study your case and plan the legal action you need to do. Contact the affected credit bureau and report the theft. After doing so, report the case to the Federal Trade Commission who, on the other hand will do their own investigation and help you catch the unsuspecting thief off guard. Lastly, freeze your accounts to avoid further damage and seek for a legal counsel. 

We are faced with a lot of challenges in our life. Our identity being “robbed” might sound queer but in these days, it is not impossible anymore. The computer and the internet have its own advantage and disadvantages they say. Some people just choose to abuse it and use it maliciously. There are a lot of agencies and companies that will have some timely credit report advice to share with you. After all, it is your life. Be safe.

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