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Jobs, Loans, Credit Reports – A Healthy Mix of Sangria in the Modern Life

By Andy Snyder
Published: Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Are you aware that your credit reports are not only basically for your loan application? What this may mean is that, credit reports goes as far as being one of the basis regarding your job application by your future employer. This is mainly due to the reason that your credit report not only presents your financial history but your attitude towards your finances and to your life as well. Credit report advice will tell you that you cannot be considered one responsible guy with a 90-day delayed payment screaming from your credit reports.

Start by befriending the big 3 (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion); and you will be able to handle your finances well. They can send you 3-in-1 reports, which contain each others’ reports, so that you can compare and monitor significant changes or even errors at the earliest possible time. You can even apply for one of their services such as monitoring your credit report and will already have regular feeds of the preview of your credit score, recent bills, dues, etc. They even offer credit report advice online and you can avail of it free of charge for the first 30 days.

Now after befriending the big 3, it’s time for you to choose one candidate you feel comfortable to work with and concentrate on its services. A good credit report advice is to choose one who will give you the most advantage. Equifax offers unlimited access at a price of $11 while Experian offers it at a slightly cheaper price of $10 monthly. Both caters to giving 3-in-1 reports, monitoring of credit score cards and giving free credit report advice to members.

But if you are someone who does not love the computer and the internet that much, a credit report advice will tell you that the services of TransUnion will serve you better solely because it has the most user-friendly website amongst the three. In its website, you will find an interactive guide which is very useful for beginners. Not only that, it has colored graphics that highlights important options for easy navigation.

Though all of the big 3 offers services for the visually-impaired, it is still TransUnions’s Braille system that proves to be the best. It is readily available and with no contact information needed for requests. Right there and then, even a visually-impaired user can get the information he needs- FAST.

Your career is as important as your score card as both are needed to live comfortably. A job is needed to pay dues and a high score card is needed for that car loan. A good credit report advice will always remind you to keep track of your credit report. Monitor any change, significant or minor. Be on the look-out for malicious activities like sudden purchases.

The key is to be responsible adults. Having a good financial history affects your life even in the least possible way. Learning to do things the right way may not be that easy and that was how credit report advice came to be.

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