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Requesting credit reports is one way you can take care of your credit score

By Andy Snyder
Published: Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Having different payment plans for your credit cards, loans and insurance premiums is great.  It is convenient, flexible and (hopefully in your case) easy to maintain. It gives you the freedom to get the things in life that you have worked hard for in easy installment plans. It also eliminates the trouble of having to carry around money since you’d be paying bills and other payments through online banking or money sending. However, you can only enjoy this privilege if you are considered as a ‘good’ client (compared to a ‘delinquent’ one). These privileges also have a prerequisite and a price: first, you’d have to be in good credit standing and second, you’d have to be very consistent in paying bills and debts to maintain that good credit record.

Keeping a good credit record can be easier than you imagine. There are actually a lot of ways in which you can be defensive in taking good care of it. For one, you can maintain or improve your credit record by being disciplined in your payment schedules. Making sure that you meet the deadlines will give you a good record on the lists of the companies and lenders you are currently doing business with.

One other thing that you can do is to request for credit reports annually to consistently check for their accuracy. When can you do this? You can request for a credit report from Experian in January, Experian in July and Trans Union in December to see if you are in good credit standing. It can also give you more time to react to any errors in your name and give you ample time to prepare to dispute it.

Credit reports are most likely to have errors so be sure to carefully and seriously check each entry. For example, be very curious of different transactions that you think you’ve not permitted or engaged yourself. Having your own credit report and record of your personal and business spending can also help a lot in tracking down your progress and financial status. Think of a credit report as an assessment of how you are as a consumer and as a business person. You’d have to be in full control of it otherwise you may be spending too much than what your budget allows. Although they say that there is never such a thing as a careful businessman, a wise one must know how to take calculated risks when it comes to transactions and deals.

The wise businessman should also take records of his dealings with other people and companies. By doing this he can be sure of his progress and track his different patterns and styles in business. A credit report can give you all of these. Consistently requesting a copy of your credit reports plus a personal touch and know-how, you’d be more than prepared to improve your credit standing. If you take good care of your records in the first place, everything will follow suit. You also have the option to get professional help if you’d like another layer of protection and a treasure trove of professional advice and assistance.

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