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Rising Above False Reports the Legal Way: An Understatement

By Andy Snyder
Published: Friday, November 6th, 2009

You thought you have made your point. You are wearing a miniskirt and by all means do not look like a man. But there you see in your credit score report information, you are a “Mr.” instead of a “Mrs.” According to credit report advice, errors far worse than this happens all the time in reports done by credit bureaus. The sad part is, those reports are the ones being studied by lending companies and the bits of errors accumulate; thus denying that much needed loan. 

A good credit report advice will tell that you may have a  credit report advice, advice5your recent financial activity. Who knows. you low credit score not just because of your own doing (forgetting due dates, consuming credit limits, filing for bankruptcy, etc.) but also because of a faulty research from a faulty credit bureau. Studies show that the reports used by lending companies have at least 79% total errors to begin with. This doesn’t only mean that they have reported you to be a man. Along with it are hundreds of wrong information about your payment habits, credibility, and your recent financial activity. Who knows, you may have been reported filing for bankruptcy just the other day!

 As a good credit report advice, go for credit repair. You have nothing to worry about for this is legal. This will remind you that there are laws like The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) which is designed to protect consumers from abuse and faulty reports. You can argue to delete information (as long as you have the proper documents) especially if they are not proven to be true by the credit bureau.

Deal with situations like this in 3 ways. First, do a validation for the negative accounts in the credit report by challenging the report. Present facts. Second, reduce credit to debit ratio by studying your financial records. A credit-debit ratio is the sum of all your debts divided by the available credit.  This is designed to see whether or not you are on the way to bankruptcy. Lastly, add positive credit to increase your credit score by finding someone with a good and positive payment history and then taking the person’s consumer low credit account to yours.  Follow these 3 and you will soon find your credit report advice with only positive information.

Your credit history and all of its information belongs to you. It is your reputation that is on stake. A credit report advice is to keep it as clean as possibly can. Keep in mind that credit bureaus work for lending companies and not for you. It is not a surprise if they take on their boss’ sides and aim to lower your credit score to just have a bigger income. for lending companies and not  for you. They clearly take teh  stake.  person’

There are a lot ways in increasing your credit score as discussed above. The most primitive one is taking responsibility in everything you do, knowing that this will all add up to your financial history. Having a “clean” and “positive” history will prevent you from experiencing loan-associated problems in the future and will make your application a stress-free one.

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