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The Kind of Help we really need on Credit Reports

By Andy Snyder
Published: Saturday, December 26th, 2009

When we are in trouble, whatever it may be, we tend to ask ourselves “Do I need help?” and if we are overwhelmed by digits zooming from the details of our trouble list we then have the answer for that question, YES! 

To whom do we seek help? We mostly consider going to the subject matter experts. Those who know more about the issue we are dealing with. Those who have more experience related to what we are experiencing and those who we know can handle our situation better. Those called “experts.”

In today’s economy, much of the commercial transactions happen through credit. Thus more and more people are becoming involved in this credit-related-financial habits leaving most people in debt today more than ever. People having more debts in today’s unstable economy make it harder for people to pay what they owe on time.

This scenario is taken by some business units as an advantage to create and do more business. Although it was a credit report advice that one can fix his or her own credit report troubles, more people are still made to believe that they need the expertise of credit repair companies to clean their credit records. 

It is convenient indeed to have “experts” fix everything for you but better be cautious for deceit is just around the corner. Sometimes the fix other people offer could not make things any better rather it can worsen the situation if the so called experts do not really have an expertise. 

Their services are not for free, you have to pay for it. Services that you can actually do for yourself as stated by the above mentioned credit report advice. But your payment cannot guarantee that your trouble will be fixed especially nowadays that credit repair scam is threatening credit repair reliability.

These businesses offer promises that are far from being real through their scams. One of which includes the identity switch scam. 

The guarantee of having a (literally) cleared credit records can be made possible by companies by suggesting that you create a new you. This absurd idea wants you to adopt a different identity so as to be entitled to a new credit report file. Yes they made it possible to offer you a clear credit record but is totally illegal. Doing this identity switch would jeopardize not just your financial stability but your entire life’s stability. 

This is why credit report advice stresses the importance of doing your problem-solving yourself. Asking someone else whether he or she is a genuine or fake expert is not a guarantee that he or she can do things better than how you can handle them yourself. Moreover scams can make your standing poorer. Instead of solving the problem, sometimes the end result is just another problem that would add up to your burden. 

Aside from the identity switch scam others use the removing-non-mistakes from credit report promises to attract customers. But hey, this is an impossibility because one can only dispute real errors on one’s account not those mess that one is really guilty of. 

Several other scam are being offered by people who are taking advantage of people who seemed to be desperate in fixing their credit report while a credit report advice can actually help you do the fix on your own. So it is better to ask yourself for help first and then educate yourself with credit report advice that are certified useful ways in dealing with credit reports.

It is never wrong to ask for help but first assess carefully what kind of help do you really need?

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