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Your “I” can be stolen

By Andy Snyder
Published: Sunday, December 20th, 2009

What if someone at some certain point in time stole your most private ownership-your identity?

This is not a metaphor or a hypothetical question for such scenario really can happen. This kind of theft is called identity theft. With the economy leaning to being a credit-based, credit identity theft is at bloom as well.

Credit identity theft is a serious threat for this can ruin not only your credit line but also your identity per se. Thus it is important to follow credit report advice to avoid being a victim of this crime. 

Just like a typical theft, credit identity theft is all about someone stealing something from you, although credit identity theft can be more discreet for it can actually happen for weeks or even months without the victim realizing it. 

But unlike the regular theft, identity thieves are a lot harder to catch by law enforcement authorities due to the nature of the criminal activity. Thieves are equipped with a very good weapon, which is your information. Hence, the crime can be masked by your stolen identity over the phone or in online transaction and would make things seemingly normal. Take some credit report advice of being wary with regards to giving information to others. 

Identity theft indeed filches your identity. Thieves in these cases are posing to be you. They are using your identification information and your name to steal money from your accounts; they can even open new accounts under your name. They can make major purchases without your knowledge and use up every cent of your credit card balances and other loans. You may even have bankruptcies records on your report brought about by this identity theft before you even know it. The probability of this thing to happen to you is higher if you belong to the large population of people who do not follow the credit report advice of regularly checking and reviewing credit reports. 

Everyone can be a victim of this criminal act. It can be me or you so long as we have credit card accounts, utility bills to pay, bank accounts and the like. Anything that carries our identification information can be used by creative criminal minds to steal our being. But one should not be paranoid enough to consider shutting his or her account just to feel free of being a potential victim. What we all need to do is to be as careful as possible all the time especially in disclosing our identification information and in doing transactions. Remember the importance of credit report advice always. 

Identity theft can be accomplished in a lot of creative ways a criminal can think of. What the thief is aiming at is any identification information like name, address and ID. With these a criminal can actually start opening accounts under your name. This may imply that by simply losing one’s wallet one can be a victim of this crime.

In addition to this, thieves give you a phone call or an e-mail offering services and products at the best discounts.  Once you provide your credit card information they can maximize the use of it and you end up as a victim. They can also use threat to make someone with access to your accounts disclose all the information they need to walk away with all your money. 

These are just some of the ways criminals can post threat to you and your credit lines so better be careful. Follow credit report advice to have a tract to what is happening to your accounts. Be alert especially if the threat of your “I” being stolen is just around the corner.

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