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A Positive Credit Report To Accelerate Your Career Graph

By Faye Mergel
Published: Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

RUBRF-00034468-001The last reasoning on one’s mind for not being appointed for a job would be one’s credit report. Apparently it is a fact that many companies irrespective of the relevance check the credit rating and a detailed report of a new recruit before hiring them. If the report is not fit and has a few negative facts, the employer can use this as an excuse to not hire the individual.

Many have questioned the need for this report being looked into and wondered how relevant it may be to one’s job profile; however the process remains and it is only wise for individuals to ensure a good standing to help pursue that upward career path.

A survey conducted in the recent past by the (SHRM) Society for Human Resource Management shows companies don’t just review the scores but the entire credit report. It is also shown that more than 75% of the report and the rating are inaccurate, of which nearly half the inaccurate report details are a major concern and can have a very negative effect on one’s rating.

New hires that do not permit employers to check their credit report are not considered for the position. This process has been criticized and many attempts are being made to completely eliminate such a process; however there is very little hope for this to take effect in the near future.

Experts on the other hand advise career oriented individuals to focus on the positives and work towards maintaining a good credit report. As one is aware that the reports maintained by the major credit rating bureaus are inaccurate nearly 90% of the time, it is only wise to cross check and have it corrected. One can do it on their own however it is recommended to go through a professional to avoid any legal issues later.

Experts have also warned consumers to be aware of various companies that charge a huge fee and do not live up to the promises made. There are a lot of scams in the market out to make quick buck promising a good credit rating, however leaves one disappointed and stuck with a poor credit report.

Individuals seriously considering a good career growth must keep a watchful eye on their credit report, and have it updated quite frequently. One can view this report for free on a yearly basis and it is best to use it and keep the facts updated on the credit report and the rating.

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