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Elvis Impersonator Racks up Debts in Another Person’s Credit Report

By Faye Mergel
Published: Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

An Elvis Presley impersonator was arrested and facing charges for fraud after opening several credit card accounts using another person’s name. The victim would not have known about it if his employer did not help him check his credit report.

Elvis Impersonator Racks up Debts in Another Person’s Credit ReportMichael Myers, an Elvis impersonator and local events promoter who was arrested earlier this year for selling counterfeit tickets he claimed was for a Kid Rock show he was bringing to town, was arrested last Friday for identity theft.

As noted by authorities, Myers stole more than $78,000 from a former roommate. The victim, Alejandro Espinosa moved to Florida and shared residence with Myers and his mother. The two helped Mexican born Espinosa acquire permanent residency in the United States and likewise helped him settle in a job.

However, Espinosa realized this July that his checking account was almost empty even if he did not apply for loans or any debt. His employer, Jose Gonzales, reported the alleged crimes to Marion County Sheriff deputies. Gonzales said the victim works for him occasionally, cutting the grass.

He suggested to Espinoza that he check his credit report and it was then that he discovered several credit cards under his name. Espinosa reported to deputies that he saved $50 each week for the last five years into a retirement account.

Over a two-year fraud, more than $45,000 was withdrawn from his retirement account according to a report from the Sheriff’s Office. During that same period, several other withdrawals and charges were made including: $17,500 for a Lowe’s credit card account, $11,250 on a Sears credit card, and another $4,000 on a Citibank card.

Barbara Espinosa her husband thought of Myers as a brother. She lamented that he was taken advantaged of since he could neither read nor write.

Myers, who was released from jail this Friday, claims that the accounts were for repairs to his mother’s and Espinosa’s house. He added that his mother makes monthly payments to those accounts. He likewise said that the victim consented to every purchases made.

Marion County deputies said they have several recorded phone calls to Fidelity Investments in which the man identified himself as Espinosa and spoke fluent English. But Espinosa’s wife said her husband speaks broken English.

A witness told deputies they saw Myers holding the victim’s credit card.
Alejandro Espinosa declined to comment on the case but his wife said he worked hard to fulfill the American dream: having a home, a job, and a Social Security number.

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