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Fake Credit Report Used in Piracy Case

By Faye Mergel
Published: Monday, October 12th, 2009

A Netherlands anti-piracy organization may have gone too far in its crusade against piracy. The Dutch group BREIN is found out to have used a fake credit report in court in order to prove that a “Pirate Bay” founder owns piracy site Reservella. When a credit reporting agency was asked if presented information came from them, representatives deny it placing BREIN in a dubious stand.

Fake Credit Report Used in Piracy CaseBREIN is a Netherlands-based group that aims to combat software piracy in the Internet. It is a Dutch acronym which stands for “Protection Rights Entertainment Industry Netherlands.” Backed by Dutch government funded by Dutch copyright holding groups, BREIN has prevented many piracy websites from entering Netherlands’ portals. It also takes civil actions against piracy site owners and their subscribers. Just recently, BREIN filed another piracy case against file sharing site Pirate Bay. In a July ruling by Netherlands court, Pirate Bay’s traffic was blocked in the country. BREIN director says Pirate Bay founders have already been criminally convicted and various countries such as theirs have ruled the site illegal. However, BREIN does not stop there.

Just this week, Swedish investigators came into the scene and reported that Pirate Bay founders do not actually own the site. They report that it is owned by Reservella, a company based off Africa’s coast. However, BREIN holds that Pirate Bay runs Reservella and one of its founders, Fredrik Neij, is its CEO and director. During this week’s hearing, the Dutch anti-piracy organization presented a credit report purportedly proving that Neij does run the Internet pirating company based in the Republic of Seychelles. But there were oddities noted in the credit report. This prompted another Pirate Bay founder, Peter Sunde, to conduct his own investigation.

Sunde was able to come up with detailed evidence proving that the report is a fake.  None of the companies contained in BREIN’s evidence verified information contained therein. Moreover, Equifax, the bureau BREIN says have prepared the file, denied that they released the credit report.

Sunde is now suing BREIN and its director Tim Kuik for forging the document and using it to allegedly extort money from them. He says those charges are far more serious than any copyright infringement. Meanwhile, it is not yet clear how the Dutch anti-piracy group came up with their evidence or whether they were the ones who fabricated it. As of now, pirate bay continues to feed traffic in the United States and in some parts of Netherlands.  Critics say BREIN has to regain its image after it has been found cheating in a case.

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