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Garbage seen to threaten Credit Report

By Faye Mergel
Published: Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Pretty young magazine journalist at workThe many victims of Credit Report fraud clarified that waste which is most of the time taken for granted posts danger to one’s Credit Report. They claimed that this is mostly in the form of Identity Theft but other forms of fraud are possible too.

The traditional method, dumpster diving which means going through one’s garbage is seen as the access thieves use to go through your personal information in your Credit Report. They are not actually interested with the garbage per se but they are interested in what is written in that trash just like what the old saying asserts that garbage is another man’s treasure. Only that in this case the ultimate end is evil.

There were many undocumented complaints against dumpster diving. John, a student from Los Angeles is a victim of dumpster diver. This was when he left his waste bin outside his house for pick up by the garbage truck with his undestroyed water and electric bills but later found out that somebody was posing as him. This was not immediately known but he later discovered that he has a rented apartment in a location he is not familiar with in his Credit Report. What is worst is that he has a loan amounting to $230,000 which he never applied for.

Law makers hinted that once your identity is stolen, thieves can do almost anything they want to do with their second sole. As an example, they cited the story of Collins. Carljon Collins, a resident of Chicago who was sentenced to 9 years imprisonment of identity theft altered and manufactured Social security and identification card of his victim. The U.S. Attorney’s Office which investigated the case mentioned that at the time of his plea. “Collins then improved his scheme through obtaining instant credits in various establishments in Illinois  and Indiana by using Indiana id cards. Commodities were purchased in these stores before they were sold to people at a lesser price.”

They further clued that this is not the only threat dumpster divers can do with your Credit Report. They can still go beyond and make your life miserable. With everybody at risk, the public should be on the alert move most if not all of the time when discarding personal papers whether in public or private bins not to fall into this trap. Prudency and keenness is the best simple preventive measure.

And if you are a victim, you should not ignore the damages identity thief caused you rather you have to work it out to get loose of whatever mess entered into your credit report.  It is suggested by experts that regular checking may alert Credit Firms on any unwanted changes that may go through your Credit Report.

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